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The Surrrogate Mother Search

Surrogacy has gained an increasing popularity over the last few years. For couples who cannot have a child for certain reasons, they opt to have their own through this way. When they decide to have surrogacy, one the first things that the couple would have to decide on is choosing the surrogate mother. This process should not be taken for granted, as it is perhaps the most important part when it comes to surrogacy. The reason being is that they are the ones who will carry and conceive the child. So, what are the things that you should pay attention to when it comes to choosing a surrogate mother? Here are the following:

surrogate mother

1- Surrogate Agency
If you chose a surrogate agency for a surrogate mother instead of independent ones, make sure to talk with the agency first regarding who would be the best surrogates to choose from. The agency will match the surrogate to the parent based on a number of conditions that you will provide. Remember, the decision is yours. Also, your residence must be near the agency’s location, or to the surrogate’s residence for that matter. This makes communication easier between you and them. Take note that there is fair difference in surrogate mother cost between surrogates under an agency and those who work independently.

2- Health 
The surrogate mother must be physically fit and mentally and emotionally stable. Experts also say that the perfect age for surrogates is 21 years old and above. Other than that, it is better if the woman has already previously given birth to at least one healthy baby. This shows that she already knows the medical processes, specifications, and complications that come with pregnancy. But either way, the surrogate must take a medical and psychological evaluation before anything else to prove that she is fit for conceiving and labor.

3- Willingness
Any apprehension coming from the surrogate mother is not a good sign. She must completely be willing to carry and birth your child and all the responsibilities therewith. There are cases where they refuse to turn over the child the last minute and decide to raise the kid themselves. This is where the contractual agreement comes to use. Both parties will sign a contract agreeing that the child must go to the intended parents. It is also recommended for you to ask your relatives and friends first because they are more willing to become the surrogates, but this has its own challenges because there are family ties not recommended for surrogacy relationships.

4- Legal Matters
Agencies already have lawyers prepared for you, and they generally manage all the legal matters needed for the process. But if you have an independent surrogate mother, make sure you hire an attorney because it is highly important that all the dealings are made legal. A lawyer who specializes in reproductive and surrogate laws is what you should look for, especially. Also, there are states that have not yet legalized surrogacy, so make sure that it is legal in your place, or have it any state that made them legal. Otherwise, legal actions can be filed against you.

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