Sunday, February 5, 2017

Surrogate Mother Cost

In commercial surrogacy, surrogate mother cost is usually one of the most major costs for intended parents.
The reimbursement of a surrogate mother depends on a number of factors, like her experience with surrogacy, her medical insurance coverage and the course of her pregnancy. Also it depends if she is pursuing commercial or altruistic surrogacy.

Surrogate Mother Cost
So, it’s important that before making your decision and preparer your budget for the surrogate reimbursement, you consider the main factors can affect the overall surrogate mother cost.

Life Insurance
After executing surrogacy agreement, and before the first embryo transfer, Intended Parents shall start pay the premiums for a five hundred thousand dollars ($500. 000) term life insurance policy. In this kind of agreements, the policy shall remain in force until:
  • The Gestational Surrogacy Agreement is terminate:
  • Three months after cessation of pregnancy or
  • Three months after birth of child 

Injectable Medication Fee
Surrogate mothers normally receive an injectable medication fee per embryo transfer cycle, within one or two weeks of starting injectable medication. This payment is intended to reimburse or the discomfort that she may experience.
Typically, the surrogacy agency or IVF clinic will be in charge of set up all the medication shipment and payment
Embryo Transfer Compensation
Surrogate mother will receive an embryo transfer fee for each embryo transfer procedure. This fee try to compensate any lost wages, and miscellaneous expenses such as childcare and housekeeping as a result of the mandatory bed rest following the embryo transfer procedure prescribed by the IVF Physician.
Living Expense Reimbursement
Intended parents will provide base reimbursement and a monthly allowance to their gestational carrier to compensate all pregnancy-related costs.
Carrying Multiples (twins or triplets)
Typically, your surrogate will receive an additional compensation if she carries twins or triplets to compensate for the pain, discomfort, and inconvenience
Maternity Clothing Allowance
If your surrogate gets pregnant at the end of the first trimester she will receive a maternity clothing allowance. The amount of the maternity clothing allowance will vary if she is carrying only one fetus or more than one.

Surrogate Cost

Before moving ahead, you should try to get an estimation of these factors to calculate what would be approximately your surrogate mother cost. It can be difficult to foresee all the costs and give an average overall cost of surrogacy but at least you will understand the cost structure of this journey and the risk you will be facing.
For more info about surrogate mother cost you can watch this video.